Thursday, 7 March 2013

Beauty Review: Bio Oil (Tested on Acne Scars)

This is a pretty old one but it's worth posting on my blog. Bio Oil is getting a lot of press these days and I decided that I'd throw in my two cents.
I've been bothered by acne scars for several years, and for a long time I wouldn't leave the house without plastering myself in makeup. I got a few recommendations from friends that I try Bio Oil. This is what my skin used to look like:
Pretty grim, huh? This was taken around March of 2012. I went to the chemist and asked the lady for the best thing she could supply for acne scarring, and he handed me a bottle of Bio Oil, telling me to give it three months to see a difference. A 60ml bottle cost me just over five pounds. I decided to give it a try.

The leaflet recommends that the user apply a thin layer of Bio Oil twice a day. As I was worried that putting oil on my skin would cause further breakouts, I used it very sparingly. I put one drop on each of three fingers, then rubbed my hands together so that the oil was spread over both hands, before applying it to my face. I applied once in the morning and once in the evening.

This second picture was taken in July of 2012.
As you can see there's a noticeable difference (and no, I'm not naked in this photo, I'm wearing a vest top, haha!). Also, this stuff was even really good for my lips, too. I found that Bio Oil not only helped to fade my acne scars, it also evened out my skin tone as a whole! I rarely wear makeup anymore because although I like wearing it, I don't feel embarrassed to go out without it. So, let's talk:

Value for money: £5.99 for a bottle that lasted me ten months? Bargain!

Effectiveness: Best thing I've used for my skin!

Warnings/Recommendations: Using too much of this during the summer when you're spending a lot of time outside may cause skin damage or premature aging. Use sparingly on really glaring, sunny days and try to use it maybe once in the early evening and once before bed at these times. Also, using far too much may block pores. Less is more!

Recommend?: Without a doubt!

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