Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Literature Review: Care of Wooden Floors by Will Wiles

I recently finished reading this novel, which was recommended to me by a friend, and honestly I had no idea what to make of it from her description. It's certainly a difficult story to explain to your peers (believe me, I've tried), and really all I can say is that you enjoy a little satire and dark humour, this is a book that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

The story begins when the unnamed, London-based protagonist arrives in an unnamed city in an unnamed country in eastern Europe, having been asked by old university friend Oskar to look after his flat while Oskar flies to America to deal with his divorce from his California wife. Oskar is a notoriously uptight clean freak whose flat reflects his nature in such a way that he is present even despite his absence for most of the story, and his most important requrest for the protagonist is to take care of his precious wooden floors. Naturally, our protagonist has some problems adhering to this golden rule, and his problems escalate dramatically as a result of his very first, painfully minor error.

Care of Wooden Floors is a beautifully written, frequently hilarious, and surprisingly emotional novel that was enthralling enough to keep me late back from my lunch hour at work on more than one occasion (oops!). At first it might seem jarring that you don't know the protagonist's name or indeed much about his past besides his time at university, his ex-girlfriend and his current occupation, but in time the reader is given the opportunity to learn every detail nuance of his nature exactly as he is captured during one week in Oskar's flat. His is a nature that is almost painfully realistic as his mind races with a multitude of fears, excuses, and disappointments, all of which become more extreme (almost farcical) as the week goes on.

My recommendation is that you check out this book. It can be purchased online:

Book Depository

Friday, 1 February 2013

Nail Polish Review - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Green Tea

So my friend came over on Monday night and brought some of her nail polishes, and I decided to try one of her Sally Hansen polishes as I'd never used one before. I went for this cute light green shade and I liked it so much I bought a bottle for myself!

For one thing, the shade itself really caught my attention. It's a lovely, fresh, cool shade of green, and I just had to try it out.

There's a little ring of rubber on the lid, and that coupled with the wide, round brush makes this polish easy to apply to the nail without much mess (and I can be pretty messy when it comes to applying nail polish!).

As for drying time, compared to a lot of nail polishes I've tried this one didn't take too long, maybe around ten minutes at most. I recommend a topcoat as it just enhances the whole look, but then I recommend a topcoat for just about any nail polish to help prevent wear and tear at work.

So, now that I've had it on for a little while, let's talk about durability! I've had Complete Salon Manicure on since Monday, and its Friday night now. That might not seem like a long time, but I'm an office filing clerk and my hands get quite a bit of wear and tear. Usually my nail polish is half chipped away by the end of the week, but so far I'm finding no chips in this one at all! Now, I'm not saying that this will last for up to ten days. Chances are good I'll change it before ten days are up because I change my nail polish constantly. But for me five days, including time at the office, with no visible wear is actually really good.

Then of course, there's value for money. I bought my own bottle of Green Tea at Cosmetics Fairy for £1.99. In my opinion that's pretty great value for the amount you're getting in the bottle.

This is a five in one nail polish (more information at the link) and so you don't need a base coat. I recommend two coats of Complete Salon Manicure, although you may prefer three.

Overall I'm going to rate this nail polish at 4 / 5, and I strongly recommend it!

Reviews: Nail Polish

I've decided that one of the things I want to talk about on this blog is nail polish, only because I love wearing it so much. It's very rare that a day goes by where I'm not wearing nail polish. More than that, I want to talk about brands that are affordable, and compare each one for their shade, durability, shine, and value for money.

You should note that not every nail polish I try out is going to be current season. That's because I'm broke and I tend to buy from discount websites (no shame). However, if I bought an old shade from such a website and it's still available I'll be sure to link back to it so that it can still be sourced.

Watch this space!